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By appointment only - call 608-833-7272



Price List


Drilling without purchase $55
Balls Brought In - Includes Grips and Slug


Ball Cleaning $6
Ball Polishing $6
Ball Dulling $6
Oil Extraction $20
Resurface $20
Oil Extraction/Resurface Combo $30
Engraving $5


Grips and Slugs Installed
Finger Grips $12/Pair
Thumb Solid $18
Switch Sleeve $18
Switch Thumb $18


Plugging Options
Layout Adjustment $60
(Includes Grips, Slug, and Resurface)
Move Fingers or Thumb $40
(Includes Grips, Slug, and Resurface)
Weight Hole (Plug and Cleaning) $10
Weight Hole (Plug and Resurface) $25


All Ball Prices Include Layout, Drilling, And Grips


Contact Us

Phone (608) 833-7272

444 Grand Canyon Dr
Madison, WI 53719




Services We Offer

  • Bowling Accessories
    • Wrist Devices
    • Rosen/Gripping aides
    • Tape products
    • Shoe care products
    • Bowling ball care products
    • And much much more!
  • Apparel
  • Customized Fitting Techniques
  • Bowling Ball Rejuvenation & Restoration
  • Private and Group Bowling Instructions


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