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December 4th, 2018

All bowling leagues and open bowling now available.


SEPTEMBER 4th, 2018

Our Bar and Restaurant will open at 11:00am on September 4th. Come have a some food or a drink! Bowling lanes are still under constrcution.


AUGUST 24th, 2018

Update: We have had a huge support system! Thank you to those who have helped the last few days, and who will be helping in the future! We have made great progress in the restoration already, before any construction crew even steps in. 
We will be starting our fall volleyball leagues on Monday. The outside bar is ready to go and the courts look great. 
The inside bar and grill will be opening September 4th. So, don’t be looking for a different Badger/Packer bar.  It’s all right here! 

Our banquet room will be ready after September 10th, for any meetings, parties or events. That room will have all new carpeting and walls. 

Bowling,  the projected opening date is November 15th. We are putting in all new lanes and approaches, seating area floors and carpeting. This was the hardest hit area. We will be meeting with all of our leagues within the next month to discuss start dates and details. 

Thank you again for all of the support! It has been overwhelming with the amount of people who have reached out and volunteered to help. We will continue to need that over the next few months 


444 Grand Canyon Drive
Madison, WI 53719


Phone: (608) 833-7272
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